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Evaly Events is a full service event and design company. Amy Dershowitz, Evaly’s founder, has spent most of her life inside the world of events. Her mom, Enid, held multiple culinary degrees and franchised a chain of chocolate and gift shops throughout New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Connecticut. Enid also designed many events in the 1970’s and 1980’s that Amy worked at behind the scenes. Amy grew up in a sea of creativity and design and was fortunate to learn from the best in Enid.


In 2008, after years of designing social events for friends and family for fun, Amy decided to finally make a career of it and Evaly Event Planning was formed. She and her team have spent the last 14 years, through many hundreds of events, encouraging clients to take risks and think outside the box, guiding them in creating memorable and unique events for their friends and families. We encourage clients to think big, even in intimate spaces, while keeping the events tasteful and proportionate at the same time. Larger ideas and design elements will start conversations and add energy to the events, and paying attention to the tiniest of details will then tie it all together, making for truly the most memorable events. 

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